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Axon (Geniss Axon),
a chess engine by primary author Vladan Vučković with chess knowledge and opening moves contributed by Đorđe Vidanović. Geniss Axon, a plain alpha-beta searcher whose development started in 2001, was written in compact 16-bit 8086 assembly, also incorporated into the Axon Benchmark program, which is available from the Arena site [1]. The benchmark indicates how well x86 processors will support Axon's 16-bit instructions.
Structure of a typical neuron [2] [3]


Axon used a 12x12 mailbox to represent the board, and applies a unique move repetition detection technique, as described by Vučković and Vidanović in 2004 [4]. Further developments were Axon I, the successor of Geniss Axon XP, first using null move pruning with R = 2, the 32-bit port Axon II utilizing 64-bit MMX extensions, and Axon 3 the serial program of the parallel chess system Achilles [5] [6]. In 2008, Vučković introduced the Compact Chessboard Representation as used in Axon [7] [8].

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