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a free Graphical User Interface for Chess Engine Communication Protocol and UCI compatible engines running under Windows, developed by Matthias Gemuh using the Visual Component Library of Borland's C++Builder 5.0, starting as GUI for his engines BigLion, Taktix, and ArcBishop. ChessGUI has a classical frame window with multiple hierarchical tabbed views on the current tournament or game document and engine outputs.


Testing Framework

While Matthias claims "ChessGUI is not WinBoard, nor Arena, nor ..., but instead it is just an idea in a pre-beta stage of conception" [1], its sophisticated tournament modes along with its Sample Testsuite Tools [2] make ChessGUI a popular framework for engine testing and to produce rating lists.

Live Broadcast

ChessGUI is able to broadcast live games via the internet using TLCV by Thomas McBurney [3] [4], as successfully applied during the TCEC broadcasts by Martin Thoresen [5]. More recently, ChessGUI was incorporated in Ferdinand Mosca's aiBloodshed chess game broadcaster.


ChessGUI supports various chess variants, opening books and endgame tablebases, the latter also for optional adjudication of the game result. Version 0.245f, released in December 2013, supports the six piece Syzygy Bases [6].


ChessGUI with Chronos and Fire playing [7]

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