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an advanced free open source chess program under the GNU General Public License written in Java by Peter Österlund. CuckooChess provides an own GUI, and optionally supports the UCI protocol for the use with external GUIs such as Arena. An Android port is available, where its GUI is also base of Peter Österlund's Stockfish port dubbed DroidFish [1] .
Common Cuckoo in flight [2]


CuckooChess applies many of the standard methods for computer chess programs, such as iterative deepening, negascout, aspiration windows, quiescence search with SEE pruning and MVV/LVA move ordering, hash table, history heuristic, recursive null moves, futility pruning, late move reductions, opening book and magic bitboards. CuckooChess name was chosen because it's transposition table is based on Cuckoo hashing [3] .

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