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Cute Chess,
an open source graphical chess user interface (GUI) by Ilari Pihlajisto and Arto Jonsson, written in C++ using the Qt framework [1]. Cute Chess is compliant with the Chess Engine Communication Protocol as well the Universal Chess Interface (UCI) and can be build to run under Windows, Linux and OS X, and is therefor compatible with Winboard engines, XBoard engines, and UCI engines. Cute Chess incorporates the core chess library, and the well-known and long time established command line interface Cutechess-cli, suited to run automated engine-engine matches. Cute Chess is released under the GPLv3+ license except for the components in the projects/lib/components and projects/gui/components directories which are released under the MIT License. Cute Chess 0.9.0 (1.0 pre-release) was announced in September 2016 [2].


Cute Chess features a tabbed document interface (TDI) embedded inside its frame window with classical menu bar. Tabbed game document windows associated with one chess game contain board window, notation window, evaluation windows with principal variations of both sides, and score history chart window.


Cute Chess TDI [3]

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