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Daniel Anulliero,
a French avocational computer games and chess programmer, who started programming in the 80s using a SHARP PC 1403, when he already wrote his first Othello program in Basic. Inspired by articles by David Levy, he began chess programming on a Macintosh and wrote his first chess program in Basic, dubbed BISHOP, later ported to the PC using QuickBASIC 4.5. When he got aware of Leo Dijksman's WBEC Ridderkerk tournament, Daniel Anulliero got hooked again, switched to the C programming language and started to write his first WinBoard engine JARS, later followed by Yoda [1] and ISA [2].

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  1. ^ Details from Anulliero Daniel from blitzchess.fr (French)
  2. ^ Isa version 1.9.8 release by Daniel Anulliero, CCC, October 30, 2016

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