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David Ravn Rasmussen,
a Danish computer scientist and computer chess programmer, author of the Chess Engine Communication Protocol compatible chess engine Chezzz [1] [2]. In his 2004 Masters thesis under supervision of professor Jens Clausen [3] at Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Copenhagen, David covers parallel search and bitboard techniques such as rotated bitboards [4].


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  1. ^ *** 100 *** Chezzz 0.88 by David Rasmussen (Denmark) is available by Frank Quisinsky, Winboard Forum, May 23, 2001
  2. ^ Chezzz 1.0.3 in CCRL 40/4
  3. ^ Jens Clausen, Professor, DTU Management, Jens Clausen was a professor at DTU Management until his death 9th June 2011
  4. ^ David Rasmussen (2004). Parallel Chess Searching and Bitboards. Masters thesis, ps

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