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Dieter Bürssner,
a German chemist and former member of the The Steiner Research Group in Photochemical Kinetics and Spin Chemistry [1] of the University of Konstanz. Beside being professional chemist and also programmer in his domain, Dieter is computer chess programmer and author of the strong chess engine Yace. He started to develop Yace from the early 90s, but with some gaps, he was already busy with chess programming in the 80s, using Atari ST, PC and computers at the University, VAX, MIPS and more [2].

Along with Stefan Knappe and Andrej Drzik, Dieter is member of the ChessCoach - Team, developing chess training software for Palm and Pocket-PC [3], and the more recent Inside Chess project with focus on web development [4].
Dieter Bürssner [5]


IPCCC 2003 award ceremony, Dieter Bürssner (2nd with Yace) and Ulf Lorenz [6]

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