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Edsel G. Apostol,
from the Philippines, author of the chess engine Twisted Logic, and along with Sam Hamilton, co-author of Hannibal [1]. Edsel Apostol, born in May 31, 1984, is a graduate of BS Computer Engineering. He started on his hobby in computer chess programming on the late part of 2004 when he was fascinated by chess playing programs and how they beat him. He then studied the theories on computer chess programming and started to write his first program using the 0x88 method. He had three rewrite of this and in May 2005 finally adapted rotated bitboards. In May 2007, he started working on a complete rewrite using the magic bitboards method.


Edsel has worked as a College Professor for two semesters before deciding to pursue a career in game development. He is currently employed as a Software Engineer in the Philippine's pioneer Game Development Company, Anino Games, Inc. [2] .

Talking Chess Programming

Edsel has been a member here at the Chess Programming Wiki since October 2007 and is an active member at the Winboard Forum and CCC (Talkchess).

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  1. ^ Hannibal - Chess Engine Portal
  2. ^ Anino Games

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