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Gaïa, (Gaia)
a free UCI and prior to version 3.0 Chess Engine Communication Protocol compliant chess engine by Jean-Francois Romang and David Rabel, written in C, with executables provided for Mac OS, Linux and Windows operating systems. Dann Corbit contributed tricks to speed up bitboard stuff [1]. Gaïa played the FCCC 2003 and FCCC 2004 French Computer Chess Championships, and the Massy 2005 French Programmers Tournament.
Gaia [2]

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FCCC 2004, round 9, Gaia 2.1 - Chess Wizard [4]
[Event "FCCC 2004"]
[Site "Massy"]
[Date "2004.10.17"]
[Round "9"]
[White "Gaia 2.1"]
[Black "Chess Wizard"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
1.f4 d5 2.Nf3 g6 3.e3 Bg7 4.Be2 Nf6 5.O-O O-O 6.d3 c5 7.Ne5 Nbd7 8.Nf3 Re8 
9.a4 e5 10.Nxe5 Nxe5 11.fxe5 Rxe5 12.d4 Rf5 13.Bf3 Be6 14.Nc3 cxd4 15.exd4 
Ne4 16.Ne2 Qd6 17.c4 Re8 18.c5 Qc6 19.Nf4 b6 20.g4 Rf6 21.b4 bxc5 22.bxc5 
Bc8 23.Ra3 Bb7 24.Be2 Qc8 25.Bb5 Re7 26.Be3 a6 27.Be2 Qe8 28.Ng2 Rxf1+ 
29.Bxf1 Qd7 30.a5 Qe8 31.Rb3 Qa4 32.Qb1 Bc6 33.Rb8+ Re8 34.Qb4 Rxb8 35.Qxb8+ 
Be8 36.Qd8 Bxd4 37.Qxd5 Bxe3+ 38.Nxe3 Bc6 39.Qd8+ Kg7 40.h4 Qa1 41.Nc2 Qc1 
42.Qd4+ f6 43.Ne3 Qxc5 44.Qxc5 Nxc5 45.Kf2 Ne4+ 46.Ke1 Bb7 47.Bc4 Nd6 48.Bd3 
Kf7 49.Nc2 Ne4 50.Nd4 Nc5 51.Bc4+ Ke7 52.Bg8 Bc8 53.Bxh7 Nd3+ 54.Kd2 Ne5 
55.h5 Kf7 56.hxg6+ Kg7 57.Ke3 Nxg4+ 58.Ke4 Ne5 59.Kd5 Nxg6 60.Bxg6 Kxg6 
61.Kc6 Bh3 62.Kb6 Bf1 63.Kc5 Kf7 64.Kd5 Bd3 65.Nc6 Bb5 66.Nd8+ Ke7 67.Nb7 
Be2 68.Nc5 Kf7 69.Ke4 Kg6 70.Ne6 Bf1 71.Nd4 Bg2+ 72.Kd3 Bh3 73.Kc4 Kg5 
74.Kd5 Kf4 75.Nb3 Bf1 76.Nd4 Kg5 77.Ne6+ Kg4 78.Nc7 f5 79.Ke5 Bc4 80.Ne8 
Bd3 81.Nf6+ Kg5 82.Nh7+ Kh5 1/2-1/2

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