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Gerhard Trippen,
a German mathematician, computer scientist and lecturer at the University of Toronto, with a cross-appointment at the Rotman School of Management [1] . He holds a M.Sc. from Saarland University, and a Ph.D. in 2006 from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology under supervision of Rudolf Fleischer and Mordecai J. Golin, and was further affiliated with the University of British Columbia [2] .
Gerhard Trippen [3]

Arimaa Bot

As a chess player, Gerhard Trippen got fascinated about the game of Arimaa with its huge branching factor, and developed an own Arimaa bot dubbed Rat [4], which has a very selective search guided by pattern recognition and planning. At the Advances in Computer Games 12 conference 2009 in Pamplona, he elaborated on Rat and its search techniques. Rat follows a human way of thinking by first analyzing the root position, finding suitable plans, and then trying a certain highly selective number of moves. A tactical search, alpha-beta with some search extensions, ensures that the moves do not lead to too great a loss of material, by evaluating the leaf nodes with a very simple evaluation function considering only the material of both players [5] .

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