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an experimental open source chess engine by Matthew Lai under the GNU General Public License, compliant to the Chess Engine Communication Protocol, written in C++11 and based on deep learning, which is topic of his Master's thesis in August 2015 [1] [2] . Giraffe uses the Eigen linear algebra library [3] , and Pradyumna Kannan's magic move generator [4] [5]. As employee of Google DeepMind, Matthew Lai announced the discontinuation of the Giraffe project in January 2016 [6].
Salvador Dalí - The Burning Giraffe [7]


Giraffe's evaluation function is a deep neural network trained by TDLeaf [8] . Its feature representation includes a map of static exchange evaluations for all squares and sides [9] , a structure already proposed by Russell M. Church and Kenneth W. Church in Plans, Goals, and Search Strategies for the Selection of a Move in Chess [10] . Probability-based evaluation scores are not in centipawns nor linear to material , and span a +-10,000 range, with mate scores of +- 30,000. The search recently changed from traditional depth-based iterative deepening to assigning number of nodes (or time) to child nodes [11] . Node budget allocation will also become neural network based.

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