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an open source chess engine by Ulysse Carion, written in Java, and licensed under the GNU General Public License. It was subject of a project work Creating a Chess-Playing Computer Program at La Jolla High School in 2013 [1], with which he participated in the Senior Division of Mathematics & Software of the 2013 California State Science Fair [2], honorable mentioned [3].

While the goal was to create an original program that uses a carefully-selected combination of the hundreds of ways to assault the challenge of teaching a computer to play chess [4], a large amount of Godot's code is based on Stef Luijten's Winglet and Alberto Ruibal's Carballo. The name Godot comes from Samuel Beckett's play Waiting For Godot because the author found himself waiting indefinite periods of time for Godot to play a move [5].
Waiting for Godot [6]


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