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So you are interested in creating some new pages or editing existing ones? Thanks! It's not too hard, but we have some guidelines to follow so that all of our pages look nice.

The Editor

If you edit or create a page, you may use a Visual Editor or a Plain Text Editor. To switch from one mode to the other, simply use the buttons in the floating editor tool bar. You may configure a default mode in your profile, which comes up if you start editing a page. The Visual Editor is fine for final layout issues and tables, the Text editor is pure Wikitext based. Simply try it out. I [1] prefer the Text Editor for most editing tasks, and the Visual Editor for the final manicure and the table tool for adding rows or columns.

Using Visual Editor

No as default recommended, use paragraph oriented running text:

Switching Editor

During edit sessions one may switch modes. Recommended for editing tables:


When creating a new page, please see where it logically fits into the existing page hierarchy. Use a Yahoo-like navigation line at the top, like above or this line from Null Move Pruning:

Home * Search * Null Move Pruning

This is how it looks as pure Wikitext:
**[[Home]] * [[Search]] * Null Move Pruning**

This makes it easy for people to navigate back to parent pages and keeps the site organized.

The first sentence in a page should have a simple definition of the topic, with the topic in bold. Exceptions are pages that are not definitions, such as Perft Results. Please use spaces as appropriate in topic names. "PawnBitmapPatterns" is a lot harder to read than "Pawn Bitmap Patterns".


All headings should have the proper level. This means top level headings have one '=' sign on either side, and subheadings from this have two, and so on. Additionally, pages with headings should have a table of contents included (using the 'toc' tag). NOTE: There is no need to put a heading as the first line on a page.


When writing information, put links on key words, even if they do not have a page yet. This helps keep pages up to date when the pages are added, as well as flagging that the page needs to be made. These links should only be to other wiki pages. Links to external pages (except Wikipedia and ICGA pages) should all be consolidated in an "External Links" or "References" section at the bottom. Otherwise maintaining broken links becomes quite hard. You should look around for the page to make sure a similar page with a different title is not made. Only put the link on the first occurrence of a term in a section. Also, if you see a link to a page that does not exist yet, please feel free to create it!


If someone else has written something that you think should be included, feel free to quote them. Quotes should be in monospaced font (surrounded in double curly braces in the wikitext) in order to differentiate them from regular text. Attribute the quote to the person and the source. You may use the references feature for that.


Every page created may have some tags added. The tags should mostly be derived from the hierarchy of the individual page, minus "home". The tags also don't have spaces in them for dynamic list usage. As an example, Null Move Pruning has the tags Search, Pruning, NullMovePruning.

Tags may be added, edited or removed any time via "Details and Tags" from the menu of the page tab.

For all tags, see:

Page Titles

The title of the page should be the full name of a topic. That is, "Late Move Reductions" rather than "LMR", or "Null Move Pruning" rather than "Null Move". Page names are somehow case insensitive, but should be created with correct writing, most likely starting with uppercase letter.

Those links (to avoid) all refer the same page:

The page original name is WMCCC 1995 and this is how it appears in various page lists. On the other hand wanted pages, that are pages not already created but linked, appear completely in lower case in that list. Therefor if you create a new page, better don't follow links from wanted pages, unless you want all lower case letters. Better use New Page in the Actions Menu, or first place the correct name as Link into some other page and follow that link to start editing. Renaming a page with respect to capitalization is quite difficult (requires organizer).

Please note that you can change the writing of any link:
This plain Wikitext:
appears in that way

Test Results

To keep the basic information compact, we use separate pages for test results. The results pages have the same title, but with "Test Results" concatenated to the end. Example: Null Move Pruning Test Results

Tables are encouraged for comparisons between schemes and versions.

See also

External Links


Thanks for all the hard work putting this together!


  1. ^ Gerd Isenberg