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Hans van der Zijden
a Dutch computer games programmer, Poker player, computer chess operator, and recognized Rubik's Cube expert [1] . As programmer Hans is author of the Connect Four program Four Blitz, winning the Bronze medal at the 1st Computer Olympiad 1989 in London [2] , and the chess program Gadget, playing the DOCCC 2001, and ten years after, the DOCCC 2011.

He has operated various programs, most notably Rebel, Pro Deo, Chess Tiger, Rybka, which he represented at various World Computer Chess Championships, Dutch Open Computer Chess Championships and International CSVN Tournaments, and Hiarcs at the WCCC 2011 and the WCSC 2011. In October 2010, Hans van der Zijden superseded Eric van Reem as editor of Computerschaak, the organ of the Dutch Computer Chess Federation (CSVN).
Hans van der Zijden [3]


ICT 2007 All Winners Erdogan Günes, Hans van der Zijden, Tessa Pijl (best operator award),
Harvey Williamson and Gian-Carlo Pascutto [4]

Hans van der Zijden and Jeroen Noomen, DOCCC 2007 [5]

Selected Publications


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