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Harvey Williamson,
a British journalist, Correspondence Chess Senior International Master [1] and computer chess expert. As opening book author and operator, Harvey is member of the Hiarcs team around Mark Uniacke, representing Hiarcs at various World Computer Chess Championships, Dutch Open Computer Chess Championships and International CSVN Tournaments. Harvey is along with Robert Hyatt and Mark Lefler member of the Secretariat of ICGA Investigations.
Harvey Williamson, Gold at WCSC 2013 [2]


Gian-Carlo Pascutto, Harvey Williamson and CSVN chairman Cock de Gorter, ICT 2007

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  1. ^ SIM Williamson, Harvey D - Player Details from International Correspondence Chess Federation
  2. ^ WCSC 2013 Gold for Hiarcs represented by Harvey Williamson, Photos 2013 Events: day 7, ICGA

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