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Ingo Bauer,
a German computer chess aficionado, tester, operator and opening book author. Ingo co-organized the BELCT 2001, where he also operated Yace. He is regular tester of Stefan Meyer-Kahlen's Shredder, and was also Shredder operator at various International Paderborn Computer Chess Championships. However, during the WCCC 2015 and WCSC 2015 in Leiden, Ingo Bauer switched sides, and was primary operator of the new Ginkgo by Frank Schneider. He operated Ginkgo versus later WCSC winner Shredder seven times including the blitz tournament, bravely fighting with the light pen, the WCCC round 3 game and the WCSC round 5 game which were drawn, as well as the two play-off games, not until the final blitz play-off was then won by Shredder by the narrowest margin of 1½ - ½.. Ingo Bauer further maintains the IPON rating list.
Ingo Bauer [1]


WCCC 2015

WCCC 2015 round 2, Fridolin vs. Ginkgo with some ICCA Journals, Christian Sommerfeld and Ingo Bauer,
Richard Pijl on the right fighting the Komodo with his Baron [2]

WCSC 2015

Second blitz play-off game is drawn - Shredder won the 4th WCSC 2015. Ingo of Ginkgo congrats SMK

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  1. ^ BELCT 2001 Berlin is worth a trip! Photos by Thomas Mayer
  2. ^ Photos by Gerd Isenberg

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