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was a WinBoard compliant chess engine written by Werner Inmann in C, also available as MS-DOS program with an own GUI, and as native ChessBase engine. After inspirations from a Donninger article and Steinwender's and Friedel's book Schach am PC [1], Werner started to write ImniChess in 1997. After implementing alpha-beta with quiescence search and evaluation based on piece-square tables, ImniChess saw the light of day in 1998, subsequent versions were further improved by a transposition table, null move pruning, razoring, and various extensions . In 1999, after exchanging ideas with Steffen A. Jakob, author of Hossa, Werner tried bitboards to implement more effective pattern recognition for a more sophisticated evaluation, but soon changed back to mailbox [2]. Since version 2.17 released in August 1999, InmiChess was able to probe Nalimov Tablebases [3].

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