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Jan E.F. (Jef) Kaan,
a Dutch physicist, M.Sc. in physics from Delft University of Technology, MBA from Webster University [1], ICCF Correspondence Chess Master [2], part-time computer chess programmer, opening book author of Yace in 2000, and author of the gambit chess program Djenghis in 2001 which was based on Marcel van Kervinck's program MSCP (Marcel’s Simple Chess Program) [3]. Debugging and further development of his engine has stopped, but it has been used in a free chess gambit opening training program of Bookbuilder [4]. Other computer chess work was done in opening theory, in particular developing a repertoire for computer chess; variations have been researched with Bookbuilder. He then wrote a book Better Chess Opening Play published on lulu.com and Amazon [5], and sometimes is still blogging about opening theory [6].
Jan Kaan [7]


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