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H. (Jeroen) H.L.M. Donkers,
a Dutch computer games and AI-scientist with focus on Opponent Model Search, actually Assistant Professor at the Education Development and Research, FHML Maastricht University in the faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. His current research interests are e-learning and in particular the application of artificial intelligence in e-learning [1].
Jeroen Donkers [2]

Jeroen's Java Games Research Library

Jeroen provides a Java Games Research Library for download [3]. The java version of the Mersenne Twister included in this library is by Michael Lecuyer and is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Games included are Chess, Lines of Action, Kalah, Domineering, Connect Four, and Dakon. Jeroen is further author of the Bao playing program Bao 0.1 [4].

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