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Jos Uiterwijk,
a Dutch chemist, computer games scientist, associate professor and coordinator of the computer games research group at Maastricht University [1], chess player and chair of MSV-VSM chess-club in Maastricht [2]. He holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry in 1985, and a M.Sc. in artificial intelligence in 1988, both from University of Twente. Jos is author of the chess program Touch, co-author of the Connect Four program Victor and the Gomoku program Polygon, all competing at ICGA Tournaments [3]. In 1992, Jos introduced the Countermove Heuristic [4] and published a huge number of scientific papers on games and search topics.
Jos Uiterwijk [5]

Max Euwe

Jos Uiterwijk talk on Max Euwe, Euwe and the Development of Computer Chess, November 16, 2011 [6] [7] [8]:
Uiterwijk returned to the fifties of the previous century when the pioneers of Artificial Intelligence, like Turing and Shannon, published their first speculations on how a computer could play chess. He showed how in less than fifty years the computer has turned into a chess monster, beating the world champion in 1997. Present day chess computers have an ELO rating ranking above 3000, a strength of which chess players of flesh and blood can only dream. Max Euwe was very sceptical about how strong chess computers could become. He was very much interested in the development of computer chess, especially in the underlying mathematical principles. Euwe was involved in the foundation of the Computer Chess Federation of The Netherlands. He challenged researchers to prove him wrong and thus stimulated computer chess studies.

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