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Julio Argentino Kaplan Pera, (born July 25, 1950 [1])
an Argentinean born, Puerto Rican chess player and International Master, World Junior Chess Champion in 1967, computer scientist, chess programmer and founder and CEO of Heuristic Software. Soon after winning the World Junior Chess Championship in 1967, Kaplan went to the United States to study Mathematics and Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley.

During the late 70s, Julio Kaplan worked with Larry Wagner at Atari on Computer Chess aka Video Chess [2]. In 1981, he started to write chess programs for SciSys/Saitek's dedicated chess computers [3] , and founded his own company Heuristic Software [4] . His programs Superstar and Turbostar (with co-author Craig Barnes) competed at the WMCCC 1983 and WMCCC 1985 respectively. In 1990, when Kaplan abandoned the cooperation with Saitek, and started to work with Larry Kaufman and Don Dailey on Heuristic Alpha which later evolved to Socrates and Kasparov's Gambit.
Julio Kaplan [5]


The World Junior Chess Champion from Puerto Rico at the 1967/68 Hastings Christmas tournament [6] [7] [8]


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