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Lazy SMP,
based on the shared hash table approach of a parallel search to profit from probing hash entries written by other instances of the search, as already used by Vincent David's αβ* [1]. Multiple processes or threads search the same root position, but are launched with different depths, and/or varying move ordering at the root node, to statistically improve the gains from the effect of nondeterminism, otherwise depending on random timing fluctuations [2]. The term Lazy SMP was coined by Julien Marcel end of 2012 [3] with further elaborations by Daniel Homan [4] [5], Martin Sedlak and others. Today, many chess programs use this easy to implement parallel search approach, which scales surprisingly well up to 8 cores and beyond [6], not only in nodes per second (as expected), but in playing strength, while it seems worse than YBW in speedup concerning time to depth [7]. Notably Stockfish 7, released in January 2016, switched from YBW to lazy SMP [8] [9] [10].
Sloths traversing a tree [11]

Cheng's Pseudo Code

Pseudo Code of Lazy SMP in Cheng as given by its author Martin Sedlak [12]:
  synchronize smp threads (copy age, board, history, repetition list, multipv => helpers)
  depth 1 with full width window on 1 thread
  loop (depth=2 .. max)
      (as usual)
      start helper threads( depth, alpha, beta )
      root( depth, alpha, beta)
      stop helper threads
      (rest as usual)
    end aspiration loop
  end depth loop 
starting helper threads:
  clear smp abort flag
  for each helper thread:
    copy rootmoves and minimum qs depth => helper
    signal helper to start root search at current depth (add 1 for each even helper 
     assuming 0-based indexing)  with aspiration alpha, beta bounds and wait until 
     helper starts searching 
aborting helper threads:
  set abort flag for each helper and wait for each to stop searching 

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