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Peter Österlund's open source chess program for the HP 48 series of Graphing calculators with its 131×64 pixel LCD, released in 1995 under the GNU GPL. MLChess is written mainly in machine language aka Saturn assembly [1]. Inital RPL routines were subsequently replaced by assembly code [2] .
MLChess GUI [3]


MLChess uses negamax alpha-beta with a search depth of 2, 3 or 4 plies for three different levels, captures are extented up to 4 additional plies. The evaluation is based on a few heuristical rules, most are simplified versions of heuristics taken from GNU Chess. On level 2, the program will always find a mate-in-one, and on level 3 the program will always avoid a mate-in-one by the opponent if it is possible [4] .

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