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an UCI compatible open source chess engine under the GPL, written by Mincho Georgiev in C. From Mincho's description, Pawny's board was represented as 16*16 array, filled with piece codes. Piece Lists are represented as array of linked lists. It searches by PVS with aspiration, IID, adaptive null move pruning, and futility and delta pruning in quiescence using SEE. It further applies LMR, various fractional extensions and considers killer- and history heuristics to order moves. Evaluation is based on material, piece-square tables, pawn structure, mobility and center control in conjunction with king safety. Pawny is able to probe 3-5 men Gaviota Tablebases.
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Pawny 1.0

Pawny 1.0, released in May 2013, is an entirely rewritten engine applying magic bitboards [2].

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  2. ^ Pawny's Version History

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