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an UCI compliant open source chess engine by Edoardo Manino, first released in January 2014. RamJet started as a C port of Edoardo's Visual Basic engine ProChess [1], thus, RamJet applies a 0x88 board representation, using negamax alpha-beta PVS with iterative deepening, transposition table, null move pruning, and futility pruning. Version 0.11 rolled back to a pure pst evaluation, has an improved search, configurable options, and supports Chess960 [2]. So far, RamJet played the IGT 2014, the IGT 2015, the IGT 2016 and the IGT 2017 over the board. IGT 2017 participant RamJet 0.14 was released afterwards [3].
Model of Ramjet with Abe Silverstein [4]

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