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Reijer Grimbergen,
a Dutch computer scientist, Ph.D. in cognitive science. Until March 2009 Reijer Grimbergen was working as an associate professor at the Yamagata University in Japan, until he moved to the Tokyo University of Technology. Reijer Grimbergen is Shogi player and his research focuses on search algorithms, game playing and cognitive modelling of human problem solving. He has also built his own shogi program called Spear and is co-author of an Amazons program called TAS [1]. Additionally, Reijer Grimbergen has also been connected with the development of AI Factory's Shogi engine Shotest by primary author and AI Factory CEO Jeff Rollason [2] .
Reijer Grimbergen [3]


Jeff Rollason and Reijer Grimbergen, Kisarazu, Japan, May 2008 [4]

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