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Russell M. Church,
an American experimental psychologist and professor at Department Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences (CLPS) [1] at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. He received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1956 on the topic of Factors affecting learning by imitation in the rat [2]. He studies learning, memory, and decision processes of animals [3].

Move Selection in Chess

In 1977, Russell M. Church co-authored Plans, Goals, and Search Strategies for the Selection of a Move in Chess in Chess Skill in Man and Machine by Peter W. Frey, along with Kenneth W. Church [4]:
"Plans, goals, and search strategies for the selection of a move in chess" tries to center on how do human players select good chess moves when having just a few seconds to consider the position (i.e: blitz chess), and then introduces a chess program specifically designed to play speed chess, without recourse to tree searching. This quite intriguing approach more closely mimics the human behavior, to the point of even producing the same kind of erroneous moves a human player would play at blitz speeds.

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