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Ryan Bruce Hayward,
a Canadian mathematician, computer scientist, and professor at Department of Computing Science at University of Alberta. Ryan Hayward is particularly interested in Hex, which he learned from Claude Berge. As member of the University of Alberta's GAMES research group [1], he leads a team that developed Hex solver and players.

The Hex programs Wolve (2008) and MoHex (2009, 2010) won the Gold Medal in Hex at the Computer Olympiad. Wolve does a truncated Alpha-Beta search of two and up to four plies, considering the huge Branching Factor of Hex. Since 2009 Monte-Carlo Tree Search starts to dominate, and MoHex applies MCTS along with the UCT framework combined with the allmoves-as-first (AMAF) heuristic to select the best child during tree traversal [2] .
Ryan B. Hayward [3]

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