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SCP, (Stanback Chess Program, also mentioned as JSCP)
an open source chess program by John Stanback, written in C and published in May 1987 at comp.sources.games [1]. SCP later evolved to GNU Chess 2-4, and was also ported to the Amiga as Chess and Chess 2.0, the latter with a mouse-driven GUI [2]. A WinBoard compatible version of SCP was most recently updated by Jim Ablett [3], hosted by Kirill Kryukov [4].



SCP represents the board as 12x12 mailbox array with piece lists, and uses full-width alpha-beta with extensions on checks, check evasions, promotions, threats and threats to multiple pieces. Capture sequences are handled by a separate search routine.


SCP seems to originate the repetition counting algorithm, also found in some GNU Chess versions, TSCP [5], and Belzebub. It may detect false repetitions in case of exchanging two unequal pieces [6].
  for (i = GameCnt; i > Game50; i--)  {
    m = GameList[i]; f = m>>8; t = m & 0xFF;
    if (t != 255 && f != 255) {
      b[f]++; b[t]--;
      if (b[f] == 0) c--; else c++;
      if (b[t] == 0) c--; else c++;
      if (c == 0) r++;


SCP's evaluation considers material, piece-square tables for knights, bishops and passed pawns, piece mobility, pawn structure, rook on (half) open files, and some king safety issues and positive king centre proximity in the endgame.


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