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Scorpio Bitbases,
are compact endgame bitbases created by Daniel Shawul with WDL information of up to 5-men, well suited to probe inside the search as applied in Daniel's engine Scorpio. The 5-men WDL holds in 200 MB. In order to make progress in won egtb-positions near the root, various evaluation heuristics are necessary to modify winning scores accordantly, considering material, ply-distance to the root, pawn closeness to promotion, distance of pieces to the opponent king, etc. [1] .

Scorpio Bitbases are open source, since October 2013 distributed under the BSD license [2] . Under Windows, probing is encapsulated via a Dynamic-link library, which already provides a heuristic score instead of pure WDL information in order to make progress at the root without the need to probe huge DTC/DTM tablebases. As of January 2014, Daniel finished the 6-men Scorpio Bitbases, available from Joshua Shriver's torrent site [3] [4].
Scorpio constellation [5]

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