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initially called Latista and in 2008 renamed to Sinobyl due to trademark issues [1], is a WinBoard compliant chess engine by Eric Oldre, written in C++, and first released in 2004 [2]. Sinobyl, aka Latista 1.4, was one of the first engines besides Scorpio and Gambit Fruit, to use Daniel Shawul's Scorpio Bitbases. Sinobyl was later ported to C# [3], released in 2014 as NoraGrace, dedicated to Nora Grace Oldre who was taken from Eric and his wife unexpectedly a few days before she was due to be born [4].


based on Latista 1.5 [5]

Board Representation

Sinobyl represents the board with bitboards and uses rotated bitboards to determine sliding piece attacks.


The engine applies alpha-beta with transposition table and quiescence search inside an iterative deepening framework with aspiration windows, enhanced by null move pruning (R=3, verification search in endgame), fractional extensions for checks and pawn to 7th rank moves, futility pruning, and various reductions. Move ordering considers hash move, IID, killer moves, and static exchange evaluation. To avoid standing pat in quiescence where pieces of the side to move were just attacked and en prise, Eric introduced horizon threat extensions in Latista 1.4 [6].



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