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Stefan Schamberger,
a German computer scientist, until 2006 at the University of Paderborn as member of the research group of Burkhard Monien with research interests are Parallel evaluation of quantified boolean fomulae, Shape Optimizing Graph Partitioning, and Distributed Load Balancing. He has completed his PhD in 2006 and is working at Google Switzerland now.

Selected Publications

  • Stefan Schamberger (2000). Ein paralleler Algorithmus zum Lösem von Quatifizierten Boolschen Formeln. Diplomarbeit, University of Paderborn, available as zipped postscript (German)
  • Rainer Feldmann, Burkhard Monien, Stefan Schamberger (2000). A Distributed Algorithm to Evaluate Quantified Boolean Formulae. AAAI-00 Proceedings, available as pdf preprint
  • Burkhard Monien, Stefan Schamberger (2004). Graph Partitioning with the Party Library: Helpful-Sets in Practice. SBAC-PAD 2004: 198-205

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