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Thomas Satyaprakash Anantharaman,
an Indian computer statistician specializing in Bayesian inference approaches for NP complete problems. Anantharaman is known for his work with Feng-hsiung Hsu from 1985-1990 on ChipTest and Deep Thought at Carnegie Mellon University and the implementation of Singular Extensions. His 1990 PhD Dissertation was about: A Statistical Study of Selective Min-Max Search in Computer Chess.

Currently Thomas Anantharaman is working as Senior Bioinformatics Software Engineer at Opgen, Inc, Madison, Wisconsin.
Thomas Anantharaman [1]


5-0 and 5-2.Deep_Thought_Team_1988.102645336.HSU.lg.jpg
Murray Campbell, Feng-hsiung Hsu, Thomas Anantharaman, Mike Browne and Andreas Nowatzyk,
after winning the Fredkin Intermediate Prize for Deep Thought's Grandmaster-level performance. [2]

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