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Tom Likens,
an American electrical engineer and as AMD employee part of the design team implementing the Zen microarchitecture with the Ryzen series of x86-64 CPUs, first released in March 2017 [1]. As computer chess programmer, Tom Likens is author of the Chess Engine Communication Protocol compatible chess engine Djinn, which was his third attempt to write a chess program [2]. Tom has been interested in bitboards ever since he read the Atkin and Slate paper on Chess 4.5 [3] (circa 1978). He has always had a hardware bent and the elegance of the idea was immediately apparent to him [4]. In 2005, Tom was a bit tired of bitboards and learned towards some type of 0x88 and Vector Attacks [5] inspired by CCC posts of Christophe Théron [6] [7], but finally stuck to bitboards [8].

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