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was originally a Windows protocol adapter by Roland Pfister to run UCI Engines under WinBoard. As no longer maintained closed source, some flaws and limitations emerged after a few years, and UCI2WB was replaced in 2004 by Fabien Letouzey's PolyGlot [1].


In about 2009, Harm Geert Muller started to develop an USI2WB adapter to support Shogi engines using the USI protocol [2]. USI2WB was then generalized to became a new UCI2WB cross variant protocol adapter for UCI dialect engines (UCI, USI, UCCI, UCI-Cyclone, Arena960) to play with WinBoard or XBoard, first released with WinBoard 4.4 [3]. UCI2WB is open source, licensed under the GPL Version 3. As of 2018, WinBoard no longer contains PolyGlot and relies on the variant agnostic UCI2WB [4].



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