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Unstoppable Passer,
a passed pawn with an empty frontspan guaranteed to safely promote according to the length of the span. If the opponent has no pieces left, this is true if the opponent king is outside the square of the pawn, or the own king controls the complete frontspan [1]. Unstoppable passers may be regarded with a huge, possibly tempo depending evaluation bonus, specially if advanced, but one should consider "unstoppable" advanced candidates or hidden passers and multiple threats as broached in the Réti Endgame Study accordantly [2].

With opponent pieces left, programs usually perform the default passer evaluation concerning advancement and square controls and possibly SEE of stop and telestop squares, and rely on search to solve all kind of possible tactics. Some programs care about one opponent piece left, specially knight or bishop, to perform fill algorithms for a trajectory analysis to determine (advanced) passers are unstoppable or can be blocked or captured in time.

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  2. ^ Improving evaluation of passed pawns by Ben-Hur Carlos Vieira Langoni Junior, CCC, January 22, 2011

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