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Vincent Danjean,
a French computer scientist, Linux kernel developer [1], Lecturer at Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, and member of MOAIS [2][3]. He holds a Masters and Ph.D. degree about the distributed multithreaded environment PM2 [4] at École Normale Superieure de Lyon and in the University of Bordeaux 1 under the supervision of Raymond Namyst [5]. His developing activities further focus on the thread library Marcel [6] which is a two-level scheduling thread library. It's interface is closed to the POSIX one but their main goal is performance. He unofficially maintains a set of debian package [7][8].


Vincent Danjean is member of the team developing the top level Go playing program Mogo [9], along with Thomas Hérault working on Mogo's parallel Monte-Carlo Tree Search [10].

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