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Volker Böhm,
a German computer scientist and chess programmer. Along with his fellow Ralf Schäfer, Volker Böhm is author of the chess engine Spike [1], which incorporates ideas from Volker's former engine IceSpell and Schäfer's former program Cheetah, and surprisingly won the first Livingston Chess960 Computer World Championship, 2005, in Mainz [2][3].
Volker Böhm and Ralf Schäfer [4]


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Volker Böhm (left) und Ralf Schäfer, Livigston Computer WM 2005 [5]

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  1. ^ Spike home
  2. ^ Spike - Mainz 2005 Report
  3. ^ Chess Classic - Spike is the first Chess960 Computer World Champion!
  4. ^ Chess Classic - 2. Computer Weltmeisterschaft im Chess960 (German)
  5. ^ ...weil Chess960 vom ersten Zug an spannend ist Die Chess960 Computer Weltmeister Volker Böhm und Ralf Schäfer im Gespräch. August 07, 2006 (German)

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