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A Window in the context of Alpha-Beta search (Alpha-Beta window) is the open interval between the lower bound Alpha and the upper bound Beta.

Only values inside this interval, that is excluding Alpha and Beta, are exact scores. Thus, with integers at least a window of (x-1, x+1) is necessary to reveal one exact score x. A Null Window as used in the Scout part of PVS aka NegaScout, and MTD(f), with integers (α, α+1) or (β-1, β), can therefor only provide a bound, either failing-high with a lower bound or failing-low with an upper bound.
Arched Window of wall painting showing Dalí [1]

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  2. ^ Re. Fail low after fail high by Marcel van Kervinck, CCC, April 05, 2015 » Fail-Low, Fail-High

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