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Yasushi Tanase,
a Japanese computer scientist and professional Shogi and games programmer, graduated from University of Tokyo in 1997 [1]. Along with Akihiro Kishimoto, and at times Ayumu Nagai and Norifumi Gotoh, he is primary author of ISshogi, and author of the Amazons playing program Tanazon, both playing Computer Olympiads, ISshogi won the Gold medal at the 7th Computer Olympiad, 2002 in Maastricht [2]. Yasushi Tanase is further austhor of Tanase Shogi, which beat Asahi Amateur Meijin title holder Yukio Kato in 75 moves played in a 15-minute exhibition game in May 2008 [3]. More recently, Yasushi Tanase develops web applications with Ruby on Rails [4], such as various commercial online games for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire devices, to play Shogi, Chess, Go and Reversi, market through his own company wars.fm [5].
Yasushi Tanase [6]

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