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an open source engine written in Java by Hrafn Eiríksson. Ziggy applies state of the art search enhancements like null move pruning, late move reductions, multi-cut, PVS, static exchange evaluation and a two-level transposition table, and served as test-bed for search experiments as topic in Eiríksson's B.Sc. thesis Investigation of Multi-Cut Pruning in Game-Tree Search [1]. Eiríksson re-investigated multi-cut pruning with Ziggy, and found an enhancement to apply it only at expected Cut-nodes confirmed by the transposition table, that is a probe indicates a beta-cutoff without sufficient draft stored.


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  1. ^ Hrafn Eiríksson (2011). Investigation of Multi-Cut Pruning in Game-Tree Search. B.Sc. Thesis, Reykjavík University, pdf

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